Improve Your Chances Of Successful Data Recovery.

Throughout this series we have discussed various scenarios where data loss can occur , including the contrasts between logical and physical data loss, as well as common symptoms of potential failure in hard drives (HHDs) and hard drives. solid state (SSD) . Now that you can detect data loss, there is only one thing left to do: take the proper steps to ensure data recovery success.

Improve Data Recovery Success : Physical Damage :

As mentioned above, physical damage can take many forms, including a variety of strange noises, liquid damage, and fire damage. If you encounter a physically damaged device, there are important steps you can take to prevent further damage.

  • Never shake, disassemble, or attempt to clean a damaged device.
  • If a device is visibly damaged, do not attempt to put it into service.
  • Power off the device immediately. Continuing to use it could irreparably damage your data.
  • Do not use recovery software.
  • Try not to remove the hard drive from desktop or laptop computers that have been damaged by fire.
  • Never use heat sources to dry liquid damaged media.

Improving Recovery Success : Logical Damage :

When it comes to logical damage, it’s best to turn off the device and immediately turn it over to a data recovery expert. The longer a logically damaged device is kept running, the greater the chance of permanent data loss. Data Analyzer Top Tips for Data Recovery Regardless of the circumstances, there are five tips you should follow when data loss occurs:

Stop : Once data loss occurs, the best thing to do is stop everything you’re doing and make a note of what has happened. The more details you write down, the better.

Data Recovery

Don’t Panic : Take a moment to weigh all your options before you act. Spontaneous behavior can make the situation worse.

Repairing yourself… with caution : Let’s be clear: you should never attempt to repair physically damaged media yourself . However, in some logical cases, it may be safe to use professionally suggested data recovery software . Speaking of which…

Call in a professional : You may need expert advice on what to do about data loss. Data Analyzer data recovery engineers are available for initial consultations and device evaluations providing information on the extent of damage free of charge.

Safely package your device for recovery : If you need to send your damaged device to a recovery service, it is essential that you pack it properly. Typically, you’ll want to place the device in a box about twice its size and fill it with bubble wrap or newspaper for a cushioned environment. If your device has been damaged by water or fire, do not attempt to dry or clean it yourself. Simply place it in a sealed plastic bag to prevent further contamination.

That concludes our Data Recovery 101 series. Whether your Wikipedia data loss scenario is due to an everyday occurrence or your device is the victim of a once-in-a-lifetime accident, Data Analyzer has the team to get you back on your feet. successfully on any version, model, brand or operating system. Start your free trial now and let us determine the best method to help you recover your data.